Energizing Education - A Rural Electrification Initiative.


37 Federal Universities and 7 University Teaching Hospitals


Adequate supply of electric power has repeatedly been cited as a major challenge and barrier to effective learning in federal universities.

Students have had limited access to powered technical labs, internet connection/online resources and high powered equipment, to name a few.

Consequently, the FGN is keen on facilitating the provision of dedicated and uninterrupted power supply to Nigerian educational institutions.
To address this issue the Energizing Education Programme was created.


  • Generation and provision of adequate power supply (87.6MW) to 37 federal universities (the “Universities”) and 7 university teaching hospitals across the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Provision of street lighting to promote and facilitate safe, secure and productive learning environments.
  • Development and operation of training centers to train university students, towards jumpstarting a cycle of in-campus self-sufficiency and renewable energy technology innovations.
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